The vent.

Nobody reads this or whatever so it’s fine.

I’m a freshman in college, and this year has made me learn and grow so much. It’s crazy. From getting completely black out drunk to just not giving a shit, I’ve learned to see who’s really there for me and who isn’t. I’ve lost some people but the day one friends will be here forever. I’m completely scared and repulsed by commitment because tbh I’ve never had a serious boyfriend much less anyone who’s ever like/loved or whatever enough for me to want to stick around with them.

There is this one person I’d like to get to know better. I haven’t caught feelings for him or anything, he’s idk in my eyes perfect but that’s just me. I’m a sucker for beards. Anyways, I’m not good enough for him because he’s cool as fuck. And well me, I’m just this not particularly attractive or unattractive girl with the weird sense of humor. I’m not good enough for him. He deserves the prettiest bitch out there. I know for a fact if I was given the chance, I’d do absolutely everything to give him the world. Is that weird? I don’t have feelings for the guy and I’m thinking that. Woah. Hopefully one that I can stop dreaming of him all my dreams with him become a reality.

I just know I shouldn’t be down or anything, god has a plan for me. And while I have to idea what I’m doing with my life or where I’m going, I know that if I let The Lord guide me, he will show me the right way.

Posted 7 months ago

The knowing.

I put myself in your shoes and it all makes sense. I would’ve done the same thing as you so I’m not mad at you. I could never be mad at you even if I haven’t see you in the longest and you probably erased me.

Well I did too.

Posted 1 year ago